Everything We Know About Kylie Kelce and Jason Kelce’s Relationship

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If you’ve recently hopped on the football bandwagon or have been a longtime enthusiast, you can’t help but adore the delightful duo Kylie and Jason Kelce. The couple, known for their humility and charm, has captured hearts, particularly in their beloved city of Philadelphia. Here’s a unique take on their relationship, starting with the latest events.

Taylor Swift’s Debut

On January 21st, 2024, at the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills game, a memorable encounter unfolded as Jason and Kylie met Travis’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, for the first time.

Travis shared the singer’s positive sentiments about Jason, leading to newfound friendships. However, Kylie was less impressed when Jason decided to go shirtless in the suite, adding a humorous touch to their celebrity encounter.

Children Join the Family

On February 23rd, 2023, Baby Bennett made a heartwarming entrance into the world, marking another joyous chapter in Kylie and Jason’s parenting journey. On February 12 of the same year, heavily pregnant Kylie, expecting their third child, watched the Super Bowl with her doctor by her side.

Instagram // @kykelce

The “Kelce Bowl” became iconic as the Eagles faced off against the Chiefs, putting Jason against Travis. A special jersey worn by their mom, Donna, symbolized the unique family rivalry. On March 3, 2021, their second daughter, Elliotte, arrived, bringing more joy and love to the Kelce household. Two years before, on October 2, 2019, their first child, Wyatt, was born.

Life Before Their Children

In a Philly celebration surrounded by loved ones, Kylie and Jason tied the knot on April 14, 2018. The proposal story, shared on the New Heights podcast, added a humorous touch, revealing Jason’s unconventional yet endearing approach.

Instagram // @kykelce

In 2017, graduating with a degree in communications, Kylie shared the milestone of finishing college with Jason by her side, emphasizing their shared journey through life’s achievements. But before that, Kylie and Jason became a couple around November 2015. Their unconventional meeting on Tinder, where Kylie initially mistook Jason for a catfish, set the stage for the start of a unique love story.

Kid Covers His Parents’ Entire Kitchen in Nutella in Truly Horrifying Scenes

Kid Covers His Parents’ Entire Kitchen in Nutella in Truly Horrifying Scenes

People all over the world know what Nutella is, but in case you live under a rock, it’s a delicious hazelnut spread used in countless desserts or just enjoyed with a spoon while standing over the counter or hiding in the pantry so your kids don’t see you. But has it ever occurred to anyone to use it to decorate? Probably not, yet one guy went viral for doing exactly that in his kitchen.

The Nutella Redecoration Went Viral

A man went viral on TikTok recently for deciding to redecorate his parent’s kitchen in the strangest way. User @kaihspeakup had the unusual idea of redecorating the kitchen by spreading several jars of it over every single surface.

However, he did do one thing right; he put cling film over the surfaces first, which made the cleanup process just a little easier. That’s right; it wasn’t some little kid who did this, but a grown adult who actually planned it out. How many jars did it take to do the deed? It hasn’t been confirmed, but based on the filling in the kitchen sink, one could take a wild guess and say a lot!

What Was the Reason?

Was there any legitimate reasoning behind the decision? No! People were left utterly confused, and every other synonym to “utterly” that you can think of. A lot of people would never consider using— or as some said, wasting— the spread for such a purpose.

What Was the Reason?

Most that saw the video were amazed by the amount wasted on the kitchen’s surfaces when it could have just been consumed and all would have been fine. Others commented how lucky the ants would have been, which would have come in droves had the TikToker left the mess in place.

How Did the Parents React?

There’s yet to have been a follow-up video showing the reactions of the guy’s parents and many are wondering what must have been going through his head to do such a thing. What did that beautiful kitchen ever do to him?

Whatever he was thinking spreading Nutella all over the kitchen, it’s something he hasn’t shared with anyone. Fans of the viral video are waiting for an eventual response. Either way, if he was looking to get views on TikTok with the stunt, he certainly succeeded!