Meet Laura Dern’s Famous Parents, Bruce Dern and Dianne Ladd

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Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd are both actors and parents of Laura Dern. They got married in 1960 and welcomed their first daughter, Diane Elizabeth, who sadly passed away in an accident at 18 months old. Although they are no longer together, Laura’s parents inspired her to become an actress and have been supporting her ever since.

Bruce and Diane Met in a Play

Bruce and Diane both starred in Orpheus Descending in New York City. They met on stage but didn’t fall in love immediately. It was actually quite the opposite; Bruce was stealing people’s attention while Diane was giving her monologue. They also had a bit of a fight backstage because of this.

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After acting together for the first time, their friendship slowly grew stronger. One day, Bruce invited Diane to his home in New Jersey for dinner. Dern has previously been married, and Diane noticed he was very lonely. That night, their relationship started, and by 1960, they were already married.

Laura Dern Was Born

After losing their first daughter, Bruce and Diane welcomed their second child. Laura was born on February 10th, 1967. But two years later, Dern and Ladd got divorced. The reason was the loss of their first daughter and the trauma it caused.

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Diane shared that since they had no money, they had to live in the same house where their child died. After their divorce in 1969, they both married other people but remained good friends. Laura was primarily raised by her mother and grandmother, Mary Bernadette Ladner. Bruce lived in Malibu, and Laura saw him often, especially as she got older.

How Laura Was Raised

Bruce and Diane might have struggled at the start, but their careers took off eventually. Bruce starred in some successful Westerns and gained popularity with his role in The Cowboys. He also appeared in Silent Running, The King of Marvin Gardens, Posse, and Family Plot.

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Diane also starred in successful movies such as Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Chinatown, Wild at Heart, and Rambling Rose. She was nominated for three Academy Awards, several Primetime Emmys, and four Golden Globes. She even won one for her role in the sitcom Alice. Bruce Dern has also been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actor in Coming Home and Best Actor  in Nebraska.