Robert De Niro Made an Emotional Confession About His Baby Daughter

X (Twitter) // @R0BERTDENlR0

Robert De Niro may be in his 80s, but that didn’t stop him from welcoming a seventh child into his life, named Gia. The revelation of this delightful news came during an interview centered around the promotion of the film About My Father. When asked about his six children, De Niro pleasantly corrected the interviewer, revealing, “Seven, actually. I just had a baby,” and didn’t give any more details.

Chronicles of an Icon’s Dynamic Parenthood

His eldest child is Drena De Niro, a 52-year-old daughter born to his first wife, Diahnne Abbott, whom he adopted after their marriage. In the course of that marriage, De Niro and Abbott welcomed a son, Raphael De Niro, who is now 47.

X (Twitter) // @R0BERTDENlR0

Following that, the actor had twin sons, Julian and Aaron, with his partner Toukie Smith. He then had a son and a daughter, Elliot and Helen, with his second wife, Grace Hightower. Gia marks De Niro’s seventh child, a precious addition to his family with girlfriend Tiffany Chen.

Gia’s Grand Debut

Gia made her official debut when her name and a photograph were unveiled on CBS Mornings by the host Gayle King. Describing the proud parents, King shared that De Niro and Chen were “over the moon” with their daughter. In a subsequent interview with AARP, when asked about his expanded family, De Niro expressed the sheer joy of becoming a father again, stating that the experience “feels great.”

He elaborated on the profound impact Gia has had on his life, explaining how everything else fades away when he gazes at her. The actor shared his anticipation for watching her grow and evolve, highlighting the enchanting way she observes the world around her, a sentiment that undoubtedly captures the wonders of parenthood.