How to Cope With Becoming an Empty Nester

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Once your children move away, you can often start feeling a bit lonely. The term is called “an empty nest” and the phenomenon is often seen among parents who have just sent their child to college. The good news is that this new stage of parenthood can be easily overcome with a few simple tips.

How Does an Empty Nester Feel?

In the beginning, you probably won’t be able to recognize the feeling of becoming an empty nester. It creates a shift in your lifestyle, and it’s normal to feel a bit emotional and sad. You might start wondering who you are or start feeling like you’ve lost a part of yourself.

This is when you might start questioning your identity or purpose. All these thoughts can often lead to depression and anxiety. If you’re experiencing these mixed emotions, it’s okay to seek some help and comforting words. Here’s some advice you can follow.

Think About Your Future and Hobbies

Since your children can take care of themselves now, it’s time to reflect on your life and think about the opportunities ahead. Think about dreams you want to accomplish and focus on them. You can take a trip, learn a new language, or even start a new career. Choose whatever makes you happy and go for it.

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Before having kids, you must have had some hobbies that you enjoyed doing. Take the situation as an opportunity to continue where you left off. Whether it’s your favorite sport, painting, or reading, you deserve this time all to yourself.

Reflect on Your Relationships

Reflecting on your years as a parent might help you be more positive about the empty nester feelings. Think about the wonderful children you’ve raised and be thankful that they’re able to take care of themselves. You’ve done a good job raising them, and now it’s time to take on a new adventure.

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When you and your partner have children, it’s normal for the spark to disappear between you two. Now it’s the time to plan your dream vacation or go on dates again. Even if you’re single, you can still enjoy the company of others, knowing that you’ve done more than enough for your kids.

Get Professional Support

If you still find it hard to overcome the feeling of becoming an empty nester, it’s perfectly fine to seek professional help and support. Talk to a specialist about your thoughts and concerns, and they will help you cope with all the emotions.

Being sad about your children moving out is completely normal, but by focusing on the things within your control, you can find ways to embrace your “empty nest” and work on your individual identity again.