Mom Discovers Her Son’s Bride Is Actually Her Long-Lost Daughter

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People are used to witnessing drama at weddings, be it something related to the groom, bride, guests, or family. However, something that was unheard of recently took place during a wedding in China. There, an unusual drama unfolded as the groom’s mother recognized her long-lost daughter as the bride. The groom’s mother made the startling discovery thanks to a birthmark on the bride’s hand.

The Daughter Bride

Upon seeing the birthmark, the groom’s mother was quick to ask the parents of the bride if their daughter was adopted. She received confirmation and the story of how they found her on a roadside 20 years ago. After that moment, everyone started realizing what was going on, and the mother and daughter embraced each other with tears in their eyes.

The wedding happened in Suzhou, Jiangsu, and took place even after the sudden realization. It turned out that the groom was also adopted, so he and the bride weren’t actually siblings. Apparently, the mother decided to adopt a son after her fruitless search for her lost daughter. The bride even said she considered the reunion with her mother happier than the wedding itself.

An Overly Lavish Wedding

The internet has been full of wedding drama lately. Another couple had an extremely lavish wedding that cost them nearly $58 million. The couple also made a gift registry to match the cost of the special day. Gifts ranged from a $5,400 vase to a $860 gravy boat and a $28 napkin.

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People online were outraged by this display of wealth. Many considered it super irresponsible to spend so much money in a single day, wondering how it was even possible. The extravagance was so extreme that it even included flying guests in on private jets and renting the Palace of Versailles. There was also a private concert by the pop band Maroon 5.