Brides Can Borrow Free Vintage Wedding Dresses at a New Jersey Library

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As vintage-themed weddings are becoming trendy again, more and more women opt for vintage dresses. However, even this type of gown can cost quite a lot of money. Not for brides in New Jersey, though! Adele Puccio, the director of Maurice M. Pine Free Public Library in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, allows everyone to wear a dress from her vintage collection for free.

Beautiful Vintage Dresses for Free

In a recent interview, Adele Puccio revealed that there are 20 vintage dresses in the library that brides can try on and rent for their special day. The gowns are all collected from second-hand stores or recycling organizations.

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Brides in New Jersey don’t even need a library card to borrow a dress. All they have to do is choose a gown and tell the director what they need it for. Puccio is also kind enough to offer vintage frocks suitable for any body type and style preference.

When Vision Becomes Reality

At the library, you can find only some of the wedding dresses, while the rest of the models can be seen at Adele’s home in Bayonne. To let more women know about her idea, Puccio has created a Facebook group called “Shared Dream Dresses.” The page has over 20,000 followers, and women can join for free. The only condition is to respect the sentimental value of the dress and return it in perfect condition.

Puccio made her idea come to life in 2000 and has been helping brides ever since. At the time, she even hosted a special event called “Salute to Brides” where she displayed wedding gowns and accessories throughout history for people to see. Inspired by Adele’s passion, library staff and members donated wedding dresses designed in different decades of the 20th century. The collection was called “Brides of the Century.”