PBS Kids Debuts ‘Lyla in the Loop,’ a New Animated STEM Series

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Prepare for a journey filled with creativity, intellect, and a touch of magic as PBS Kids introduces Lyla in the Loop, a captivating animated series for children aged four through eight. Having premiered on February 5, this delightful show, produced by the creative minds at Mighty Picnic and Pipeline Studios, centers around the life of seven-year-old Lyla, her endearing sidekick Stu, and their close-knit family in a city reminiscent of Philadelphia.

Empowering Young Minds

Each episode of Lyla in the Loop invites young minds to explore strategic problem-solving and unleash their creativity while addressing real-life challenges. The series aims to instill confidence in children, encouraging them to tackle problems head-on, embrace exciting challenges, and develop the skills to see tasks through to completion, according to the series creator, Dave Peth.

Promoting creativity while emphasizing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education, Lyla in the Loop tailors complex concepts like computational thinking for its target audience, fostering skills essential for future engineers and problem solvers. Additionally, the series addresses the lack of representation in STEM, acknowledging the 1.8% employment rate for Black women in related professions and providing accessible STEM concepts for preschoolers.

A Journey of Creative Problem-Solving

Follow Lyla’s adventures as she takes on various challenges with the support of her family and best friend, Everett Phan. From creating homemade carnival games with repurposed materials to contributing to the neighborhood’s trash and recycling efforts, Lyla’s diverse problem-solving scenarios keep young viewers engaged.

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The series extends beyond conventional education by addressing real-world AI ethical questions with age-appropriate examples, while the story editor, Monique Hall, highlights central themes of “creative problem-solving, working together to find solutions, and being a good friend.” Balancing education and entertainment, the show’s writers craft relatable experiences, ensuring that learning naturally emerges for engaged and entertained families.

Redefining Edutainment With Inspiring Lessons

Lyla in the Loop is poised to become a standout in the edutainment landscape, offering valuable lessons and inspiring families with creative ideas to incorporate into their homes. As Peth emphasizes, teaching children problem-solving skills from an early age fosters a sense of empowerment that will serve them well in school and beyond.