TikTok Mom Blasts Toy That Pushes Office Culture, Calling it ‘Baby’s First Cubicle’

Back in the day, kids received teddy bears and Spiderman dolls as gifts. Nowadays, we see more and more toddlers getting cell phones, real makeup, iPads, and other adult-like gifts. Is it normal for our children to be growing up this fast? A TikTok mom decided to speak out on that matter, calling a Fisher Price toy “baby’s first cubicle.”

The Toy Controversy

The mom decided to review an activity center she had purchased for her child. The activity center comes with a computer and mouse and even a little succulent to add some greenery. She admitted that she hadn’t really paid attention to the toy while she was ordering it and was unpleasantly surprised to find out that it resembled an actual mini office space.

TikTok // @stealth_revenger

A coffee cup, a calendar, tissues, and even an iPhone were also featured in the set. But that’s not even the most shocking thing. Kids can also hear messages such as “Per my last email, let’s pencil in some playtime” and listen to songs about going back to work after a lunch break. The mom was also upset by the “Oops, I was on mute” sounds and the song about working from home while dreaming of being on vacation.

Some Don’t See the Problem

The worst thing about this toy is that kids might start having the impression that going to work is a horrible experience. People in the comments were also upset about the Fisher Price invention and even refused to believe the toy was real.

The Fisher Price activity center is called “Like a Boss,” implying that they don’t really find this odd or wrong as even the description of the toy pushes the “little CEO” agenda. The toy has 4.8 stars on Amazon and lots of positive reviews. Maybe some people don’t see a problem in such concepts and don’t take them too seriously.