6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling With Kids

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Traveling with your kids can be rewarding, creating lifelong memories and fostering curiosity. Despite the benefits, family travel has downsides, from budget concerns to logistical worries. Read on to discover 6 common mistakes you make when traveling and learn how to avoid them for a smoother and more enjoyable experience, whether on a beach getaway or a European escape.

#1: Uniting Family Seats for a Seamless Journey

Ensure a smooth family trip by avoiding the mistake of booking separate seats. The journey sets the trip’s stage. Invest in tickets that allow for seat selection in advance to ensure sitting with your kids. Some airlines offer fee-free family seating, but it’s not guaranteed, so research thoroughly. It’s normal to pay an extra charge for worry-free seating if needed.

#2: Happy Tummies, Happy Travels

Prevent cranky kids during travels by packing enough food and avoiding the pitfall of relying on airplane meals. Have their favorite snacks on hand for picky eaters. Some airlines, like Air France and British Airways, offer child-friendly meal options or a ‘Feed Kids First’ policy, catering to picky and adventurous eaters.

#3: A Wardrobe Solution for Happy Traveling

Prevent unexpected messes by traveling with an extra set of clothes for your kids. Kids are prone to getting dirty, and even a small mess can disrupt your plans.

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Go a step further and consider wearing something disposable during travel. This proactive approach can save you from the hassle of laundry bills and potential extra costs for cleaning particularly stubborn stains.

#4: Jet Lag Mastery

Avoid underestimating the impact of jet lag, especially with kids. Resist the temptation to power through upon arrival at your destination. Instead, take a short nap before continuing with your day’s plans. Depending on the timing, booking your hotel room for the night before your arrival might be a strategic move. A day with exhausted kids and parents is unlikely to be successful. Make sure they get a two-hour nap to recharge before powering through the rest of the day with a well-thought-out plan.